Passangers’ safety

By: The Scribe on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Important elements of passengers’ security

Terrorism is a great problem nowadays. Usually, terrorists choose crowded places, like railroad stations, airports, shopping malls, and so on, to carry out their attacks, which leads to a great number of victims. It can be a problem to prevent them everywhere, but it is definitely possible to save passengers if to establish high standards of security. In others works, it is necessary to scan passengers and their baggage, and in the case of specific situation, it is also essential to use invasive pat-downs. Some people may think that such measures violate their rights, but it is not true. Body scans give people a chance to avoid physical contact and undressing. In addition, security officers don’t see anything except the body image. It takes a little time to scan a person and his/her baggage, and it is able to detect not only metal objects. However, if there are some people, who refuse to scan their bodies and their baggage, they can choose invasive pat-downs.


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